20 Times Peyton Manning Looked Super-Duper Sad During The Super Bowl

#ManningFace. #Forever.

1. When his teammates left him hanging during the pregame.

Chris O’Meara / AP
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2. When the flyover reminded him of the scene where Goose dies in Top Gun.

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3. When his rude teammate surprised him with the football.

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4. When he looked at the scoreboard.

Ronald Martinez / Getty
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5. When he yelled in vain.

Kevin C. Cox / Getty
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6. When he saw what people were saying about Bruno Mars on Twitter.

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7. When he smoldered with sadness.

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8. When he wondered if he DVR’d the Prince episode of New Girl.

ID: 2378697

9. When he remembered he doesn’t even have DVR.

Christen Petersen / Getty
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10. When he was all, like, “Argh.”

Evan Vucci / AP
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11. When he was super bummed.

ID: 2378946

12. When his own lineman told him he’d rather watch the Puppy Bowl.

Christian Petersen / Getty
ID: 2378812

13. When his forehead did that thing his forehead does.

ID: 2378739

14. Whe he just couldn’t get loose.

Gregory Bull / AP
ID: 2378927

15. When he looked at the Fox graphic of the scoreboard.

ID: 2378725

16. When he threw that interception.

Matt Slocum / AP
ID: 2378953

17. When he threw that other interception.

Kevin C. Cox / Getty
ID: 2378989

18. When he fell down and went boom.

Kevin C. Cox / Getty
ID: 2378994

19. When he remembered the Curse of Wes Welker.

Kevin C. Cox / Getty

Now 0 for 3 in Super Bowls.

ID: 2378998

20. And when he knew it was all over.

ID: 2379027


ID: 2379081

Sad Eli Manning.

ID: 2378955

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