Stephen A. Smith Doesn’t Know The Rules Of A Major Professional Sport

The NHL hasn’t had ties since 2004.

During SportsCenter today, noted yeller and NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith was asked which streak is more impressive: The Miami Heat’s 14-game win streak or the Chicago Blackhawks’ 22-game point streak.

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Okay, but the Blackhawks haven’t lost a single game this season! (They have 19 wins and three shootout losses, which still count as a point in the system the NHL adopted in 2004.)

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Huh, what ties?

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But Stephen, the last time there was a tie in the NHL was April 4, 2004!

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8. Barack Obama was still a Senator.

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In fact, this picture was the earliest picture of Obama in Getty Images. The photo was taken on April 4, 2004.

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9. The Montreal Expos still existed.

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10. The cast of Harry Potter looked like this:

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11. Phil Mickelson had yet to win a major tournament.

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He won his first Masters seven days later.

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12. The first iPhone was still three years away.

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13. The Curse of the Bambino was still totally real!

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And Nomar was still the Red Sox shortstop.

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14. Check out his entire, confused rant:

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H/T Matt Yoder at Awful Announcing

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