24 Signs You Went To Catholic School

Other than your everlasting sense of guilt.

1. You had class with the same 20 kids for nearly a decade.

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2. You wore the same damn clothes every day…

ID: 810290

…year after year…

ID: 810413

…until you developed a slight allergy to all things plaid.

ID: 810365

3. You were trained to think tucking in your shirt is more important than math.

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4. You probably still write in cursive.

ID: 809402

5. You have had to dress as an angel at some point in your life.

ID: 810609

6. The name of this school doesn’t creep you out as much as it should.

ID: 806892

7. You’ve never been hit by a ruler, but you’re still wary of nuns.

ID: 806497

8. You’re pretty unfazed when threatened with eternal damnation.

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9. You’ve been frequently reminded how much better Jesus is than you.

ID: 807087

10. You were taught to be open-minded.

ID: 806528

11. But you have some conflicting worldviews.

ID: 807076

12. You only learned about one kind of sexual orientation.

ID: 807733

13. You never had a sex ed class.

ID: 810157

14. But “Kindergarten Cop” taught you all you needed to know.

ID: 810143

15. You’re still not 100% sure about the difference between outer space and the female anatomy.

ID: 809969

16. You never found out the answers to these questions.

ID: 809961

17. You think “Superstar” hits a little too close to home.

ID: 810173

18. You know that dating is STRICTLY for those intent on marriage.

ID: 806490

19. So it took a while to adjust to college.

ID: 806881

20. You’re only comfortable slow dancing.

ID: 806540

21. You see nothing wrong with this.

ID: 809826

22. You wear your “survival” like a badge of honor.

ID: 806504

23. You may even still complain about it pretty often.

ID: 809889

24. But you probably still have those same friends from kindergarten.

ID: 810689

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