21 Signs You Need A Vacation Right Now

Sometimes you just need to take a couple days off.

1. When someone drives their truck into the video store you work at.

2. When you need to get this creative to take a nap.

3. When you’re ready to sell some cars, but all the tires were stolen.

4. When you realize you wore two different pairs of shoes to work.

5. When you get stung by a wasp on the job.

6. When you work in a dildo factory.

7. When you forget to move the ladder.

8. When you’re making a bow and arrows out of a paper clip and rubberband.

9. When you skip the forklift training class.

10. When you go to too many dolly training classes.

11. When you have to pick up the trash because campers are lazy jerks.

12. When you have trouble installing the ink cartridge.

13. When you commute to work like this.

14. When the crane operator is a practical joker.

15. When you put the shade on the outside of the car.

16. When your career as a train conductor didn’t go as planned.

17. When your pal does this to your computer.

18. When you’re still using a land line.

19. When you can’t find your umbrella.

20. When you’re just trying to take a picture and tire comes out of no where.

21. When you work at Badcock & More.

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