21 Signs You Need A Vacation Right Now

Sometimes you just need to take a couple days off.

1. When someone drives their truck into the video store you work at.

ID: 890502

2. When you need to get this creative to take a nap.

ID: 890301

3. When you’re ready to sell some cars, but all the tires were stolen.

ID: 890178

4. When you realize you wore two different pairs of shoes to work.

ID: 890365

5. When you get stung by a wasp on the job.

ID: 890346

6. When you work in a dildo factory.

ID: 890372

7. When you forget to move the ladder.

ID: 890384

8. When you’re making a bow and arrows out of a paper clip and rubberband.

ID: 890441

9. When you skip the forklift training class.

ID: 890576

10. When you go to too many dolly training classes.

ID: 890689

11. When you have to pick up the trash because campers are lazy jerks.

ID: 890764

12. When you have trouble installing the ink cartridge.

ID: 890848

13. When you commute to work like this.

ID: 890936

14. When the crane operator is a practical joker.

ID: 890944

15. When you put the shade on the outside of the car.

ID: 891007

16. When your career as a train conductor didn’t go as planned.

ID: 891018

17. When your pal does this to your computer.

ID: 891243

18. When you’re still using a land line.

ID: 891284

19. When you can’t find your umbrella.

ID: 891386

20. When you’re just trying to take a picture and tire comes out of no where.

ID: 891579

21. When you work at Badcock & More.

ID: 891788

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