25 Reasons Jersey City Is The Best Place To Live

That is if you like down-to-earth people, fair rent, great food and cool bars.

1. Because this is the view from the local park.

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2. Because Taqueria has the best Mexican food east of Los Angeles.

Flickr: Katstan / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kjs76
ID: 2842866

3. And Park Tavern’s burger is heaven on a roll.

ID: 2856124

4. Because we have Instagram-worthy murals too.

ID: 2844555

5. Because the best views of Manhattan are from the Jersey side of the Hudson.

Flickr: Wallyg / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: wallyg
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6. And our skyline ain’t half bad either.

Flickr: A. Strakey / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: smoovey
ID: 2856929

7. Because our brownstones would definitely get the Huxtable stamp of approval.

Flickr: STC4blues / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: stc4blues
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8. Because $1,600 can get you a real apartment, not a windowless basement in Williamsburg like this one…

ID: 2844373

9. A pack of cigarettes cost about $5 less than this…

Andrew Burton / Getty
ID: 2843837

10. And you don’t have to deal with Time Warner.

Flickr: DragonFlyEye / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: dragonflyeye
ID: 2855707

11. Because our diners are better than your diners.

Flickr: wallyg /Creative Commons

Flickr: Elizabeth Thomsen / Creative Commons

Flickr: ethomsen

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12. Because the Liberty Science Center’s dome IMAX theater puts every other movie theater to shame.

ID: 2856344

13. Because the Path train is a hell of a lot cleaner than the subway.

Flickr: catchesthelight / Creative Commons / Flickr: catchesthelight

ID: 2856216

14. Because this is what spring looks like…

ID: 2845004

15. Because brunch is just better here.

ID: 2845162

16. Because this is how Jersey City does pizza.

Flickr: wallyg / Creative Commons /Flickr: wallyg

ID: 2845133

17. Because bartenders actually get to know you.

ID: 2855739

18. Because our biergarden won’t make you feel claustrophobic.

ID: 2857093

19. Because our restaurants can rival anything across the river.

ID: 2845193

20. Even our cookies are proud to be in Jersey City.

ID: 2845331

21. Because our gardens LITERALLY brighten up your day.

ID: 2845374

22. Because these dogs just won’t stop bragging about Jersey City.

Yeah, dogs talk in Jersey City. No big deal.

ID: 2845385

23. Because contrary to popular belief Brooklyn isn’t the only place that knows how to throw a great street festival.

ID: 2855773

24. Because it looks just as pretty in the rain.

Flickr: http://B.C. Lorio / Creative Commons / Flickr: ackniculous

ID: 2856970

25. Because people are going to be pissed at me for letting you in on the secret.

Flickr: caruba / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: denial_land
ID: 2843647

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