39 Reasons Studying Abroad In Italy Ruins You For Life

You’ll never look at pasta the same way again.

1. Because the sunrise paints the sky brighter in St. Mark’s Square.

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2. And the espresso tastes richer.

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3. Because ice cream dreams of one day being as awesome as gelato.

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4. Because the Spanish Steps are a decent place for a study break.

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5. Because this is what Friday night pizza looks like…

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6. And cacio e pepe is basically the best tasting mac ‘n’ cheese in the world.

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7. Because you’ll always wish you lived in Positano…

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8. So you could wake up with this view every morning.

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9. Because lemons from Sorrento simply taste better.

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10. Because the Amalfi Coast is a spectacular place to spend the weekend…

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11. And go for a little boat ride.

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12. Because you learn there are few things cooler than a classic Fiat…

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13. Except perhaps a vintage Vespa.

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14. Because CHEESE…

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15. Delicious, amazing, incredible cheese.

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16. Because of the way the Colosseum lights up at night.

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17. And because the Tuscan hills look like a dream.

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18. Because every side street is the most charming thing you’ve ever seen…

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19. And every seaside town is paradise.

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20. Because this is how Italy does churches…

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21. And this is how it does beaches.

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22. Because walking around Firenze is like stepping into a time machine.

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23. And sunsets in Napoli never cease to amaze.

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24. Because getting lost in Venice is actually enjoyable.

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25. And the pace of everyday life is just right.

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26. Because of the way Roma glows at night.

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27. And the priceless art in seemingly every piazza.

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28. Because this is a midday snack.

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29. Because aperitivo puts happy hours to shame.

ID: 3149307

30. And the negronis are heaven in a glass.

ID: 3149253

31. Because all’Amatriciana

ID: 3149469

32. Mozzarella di bufala

ID: 3149597

33. Spaghetti alle vongole

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34. And insalata di mare.

ID: 3149485

35. Because there’s a market on every street corner.

ID: 3149553

36. Because St. Peter’s Basilica is genuinely awe-inspiring.

ID: 3149848

37. And every piazza is unique.

ID: 3149731

38. Because you’ll miss it every day from the moment you leave…

ID: 3149666

39. Because there’s no place quite like it in the world.

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