22 Reasons Clayton Kershaw Would Be An Awesome Best Friend

The 25-year-old Dodgers ace MIGHT be the best pitcher in baseball, but he’s DEFINITELY a pretty cool dude.

1. I mean, he’s pretty good at his job.

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Cy Young on the left, Gold Glove on the right.

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2. Actually he might be the best at it.

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3. But he’s even better at dancing.

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4. His great-uncle Clyde Tombaugh was a famous astronomer…

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5. Who found Pluto.

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6. So he’s still pretty sore about it not being a planet anymore.

(Fast forward to 2-minute, 10-second mark.)

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7. He also grew up with Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

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8. They played basically every sport together…

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9. Even in high school when Stafford was Kershaw’s catcher…

Stafford quit after sophomore year to focus on football.

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10. And Kershaw was the center for the football team!

Kershaw quit after freshman year to focus on baseball.

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11. Kershaw pitched a perfect game his senior year, striking out every batter AND hitting a solo home run.

He’s a real-life Steve Nebraska! (Though the game was only five innings because of the mercy rule.)

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12. Speaking of high school, that’s where Kershaw met his wife, Ellen.

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13. They recently built an orphanage together in Zambia.

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14. During a break from enjoying The Bachelor night with the girls.

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15. Kershaw is simply a goofball.

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16. With a great sense of humor…

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17. Who has no shame about attending Carly Rae Jepson and Justin Bieber concerts…

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18. Who responds like this to people who say he sucks…

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19. Enjoys go-karts…

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20. Appreciates the rarity of finding a lefty pair of scissors…

ID: 1444804

21. And loves ping-pong.

It’s his second favorite sport behind baseball. Kershaw in the reigning ping-pong champ at Dodgers training camp.

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22. Even cheetahs are friends with him!

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So Clay, um, what would you think about having a catch sometime?

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Maybe? Awesome!

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CORRECTION: Ed Melson did not win a Cy Young award. An earlier version of this article stated that Ellen Kershaw’s grandfather won the Cy Young. Melson graduated from Texas A&M and owned a Volkswagen Dealership in Abilene, Texas. However I stand by the fact it would have been really cool if he won a Cy Young.

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