22 People Who Are Unfazed By Mother Nature

When the weather throws us a curveball these people simply carry on as usual.

1. This couple trying to squeeze in another hour of sun.

ID: 791138

2. This group having an impromptu crab feast.

ID: 791112

3. These Italians who won’t let a little water ruin a good shopping day.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images
ID: 792227

4. This woman who has apparently never seen the movie “Twister.”

ID: 791136

5. This guy who isn’t gonna let some snow keep him from burning a few cals.

ID: 791586

6. This guy who’s excited to show off his new cargo shorts.

ID: 791208

7. These brave souls who’ve never missed a practice.

ID: 792287

8. These little champions making the best of the situation.

ID: 794054

9. These maniacs going for their morning dip.

ID: 791968

10. This guy who gets excellent traction on his Huffy.

ID: 792269

11. These bros who have their priorities straight.

ID: 792301

12. These fearless newlyweds.

ID: 792508

13. These tourists kicking back in St. Marks Square.

Luigi Costantini / AP
ID: 794399

14. This guy posing with the catch of the day.

ID: 792515

15. This horse man who didn’t even notice it’s snowing.

ID: 793686

16. This guy who’s wondering why everyone is running away.

ID: 792523

17. This woman who found an urban lazy river.

ID: 794208

18. This guy humblebragging about going to the Beijing Hard Rock Cafe.

ID: 792535

19. This proud American awaiting the oncoming storm.

ID: 793867

20. This guy trying to take his dog for a walk.

ID: 793966

21. These gentlemen who are laser focused on their lawn bowling game.

ID: 794032

22. This guy testing out his new four-wheel drive.

ID: 793650

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