28 Parents Who Are Trolls At Heart

What’s the use of having children unless you can mess with them constantly?

1. These parents who have no issue proclaiming a favorite.

ID: 837076

2. The parents who ordered a stripper for their son’s graduation party.

ID: 836620

3. These parents who reward their children for hard work.

ID: 836945

4. The mom and dad who used your stuffed animals to soundproof their headboard.

ID: 836957

5. These dads gathering future blackmail.

ID: 839815

6. The parents who forced their poor kids to wear this.

ID: 840132

7. The geniuses who named this poor girl.

ID: 840209

8. The dad who spotted a perfect photo opportunity.

ID: 840189

9. The mom who found her son’s vase.

ID: 840752

10. The parents who bought this cake.

ID: 840807

11. The mom who runs this family’s lost & found.

ID: 843630

12. This dad taking a stance against dim lighting at Hollister.

ID: 843435

13. The hunter and gatherer providing for his family.

ID: 843438

14. This dad mocking his son’s selfie picture.

ID: 843445

15. The mom who wrote this article.

ID: 843575

16. “Santa”

ID: 844073

17. The dad who took this picture for mom.

ID: 843633

18. The mom who bought her son exactly what he asked for.

ID: 843760

19. This dad who likes word jumbles.

ID: 843747

20. The mom who bought this Christmas sweater.

ID: 843936

21. These prom-bombing dads.

ID: 843968

22. This tough guy.

ID: 844010

23. The dad who was wearing this when his kids came home.

ID: 844024

24. The mom that congratulated the happy couple.

ID: 844223

25. The dad who parked the car like this.

ID: 844041

26. The mom who bought her son a bunch of “plain black T-shirts.”

ID: 844046

27. The dad that shamed his kids into doing the dishes.

ID: 844170

28. The mom who never forgets her prince(ss).

ID: 844154

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