26 Painful Moments In Testicle History

Men: Proceed with caution. Women: Don’t get any ideas.

1. When this jerk popped bottles.

ID: 861232

2. When this guy overestimated his athletic ability.

ID: 861430

3. When this innocent bystander didn’t expect the ricochet.

ID: 859884

4. When this guy decided to finally start using his treadmill.

ID: 859915

5. When this bro bragged about this XBox

ID: 859917

6. When this rocket misfired.

ID: 859924

7. When this kid’s World’s Strongest Man training went wrong.

ID: 859925

8. When this racquet ball star screwed up his serve.

ID: 859927

9. When this guy took a tire to the nads.

ID: 859930

10. When this kid put a cold cut in a fan.

ID: 859932

11. When this jackass ruined a totally sweet grind.

ID: 859934

12. When this dog got confused by a laser pointer.

ID: 860012

13. When this little girl channeled Satan.

ID: 861209

14. When someone thought this could be fun.

ID: 861338

15. When high school kids go to the playground.

ID: 861362

16. When this little girl discovered dad’s sensitive spot.

ID: 861570

17. When these jackasses acted like jackasses.

ID: 861577

18. When this kid forgot how springs work.

ID: 861417

19. When this guy thought he was a gymnast.

ID: 861450

20. When these high school kids got really really bored.

ID: 861413

21. When this guy wasted a 2-Liter bottle of Coke.

ID: 861456

22. When this guy celebrated the 4th of July.

ID: 861465

23. When this kid took a pogo stick to the balls.

ID: 861486

24. When this guy mistimed his leap.

ID: 861528

25. When this ninja turtle didn’t get pizza for dinner.

ID: 861549

26. Anytime anyone tried parkour!

ID: 861556

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