23 Moments That Made You Realize Your Childhood Was Truly Over

Welp, it was fun while it lasted.

1. When you get angry about the prospect of snow.

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2. The first time you’re too big for the swing set.

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3. When your body refuses to let you sleep in on Saturday.

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4. When getting your finger stuck in something is no longer socially acceptable.

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5. When you give zero fucks about the toy in your Happy Meal.

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6. The first time you see unwanted genitalia.

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7. When this stops being cute-funny.

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8. When no one laughs at your fart.

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9. When you get this scratch-and-sniff.

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10. When you consider boardwalk games a waste of money.

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11. When you realize there’s a person underneath the mascot costume.

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12. When you figure out you don’t NEED to eat the whole box of Tic Tacs.

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13. When your mom takes you bra shopping with her.

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14. When your parents give you this cake for your birthday and you don’t vomit from embarrassment.

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15. When you suddenly enjoy the taste of beer.

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16. When shitty food makes you feel like shit.

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17. When you realize birthdays are no longer exciting.

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18. When this stops being scary.

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19. When you look around and no one your age is in the play area.

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20. When you have to buy your own Girl Scout Cookies.

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21. When you go grocery shopping alone for the first time.

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22. When you realize that “Santa” is your parents, not that dude at the mall.

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23. And when you realize the importance of having health insurance.

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