17 Insultingly Obvious Instructions

Lets hope no one ever needed to consult these guides.

1. This step-by-step process of putting on tighty whities.

ID: 864494

2. This reminder to refrain from being a dick with smoke grenades.

ID: 864481

3. This guide to use a McDonald’s figurine.

ID: 864488

4. These rules for a mini-golf bathroom.

ID: 864478

5. These rude dinner instructions.

ID: 864438

6. AKA apply to dry skin.

ID: 864524

7. Do not eat your shorts if you want them to last.

ID: 864544

8. These chopsticks.

ID: 864625

9. This hand-drying guide.

ID: 864585

10. How not to use a nail gun.

ID: 864641

11. This T-shirt that assumes the world eats dry sandwiches.

ID: 864592

12. Really? Really?

ID: 864793

13. Just in case no one has mentioned it before, poop sitting down, everyone.

ID: 864806

14. This guide to correct sombrero usage.

ID: 864817

15. How to study.

ID: 864905

16. Electronics aren’t in the food pyramid.

ID: 865006

17. HAHA yeah, OK.

ID: 864562

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