15 Drivers Who Should Have Their License Revoked Immediately

Seriously, get off the road.

1. This person who can’t navigate an empty parking lot.

ID: 3187985

2. This Jaguar driver who was trying to bypass traffic.

ID: 3188167

3. This virtuoso parker.

ID: 3188308

4. This idiot on the wrong side of the road.

ID: 3188345

5. This halfwit.

ID: 3188368

6. This selfish parker.

ID: 3188461

7. This overzealous parker.

ID: 3188479

8. This PT Cruiser owner who just can’t get enough petroleum.

ID: 3188539

9. This guy who just REALLY needed some gas!

My friend just took this photo at the Woqod near IKEA. Words fail me. Just how bad a driver do you have to be?

— Amy Bambridge (@escapetoqatar)
ID: 3188751

10. This asshat.

ID: 3188563

11. Whoever thought that this was the middle lane.

ID: 3188677

12. This guy who JUST missed his exit.

ID: 3188717

13. This bastard.

ID: 3188718

14. This A+ parker.

ID: 3188740

15. And of course this future demon of the roadways.

ID: 3188254

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