23 Brushes With Death That Will Make You Want To Stay Home For A While


1. When this stray golf ball came within 12 ounces of his skull.

ID: 3460548

2. When this SUV casually switched lanes.

ID: 3460286

3. Yep, that’s a shark.

ID: 3462404

4. That time America’s pastime nearly sent this bro into a coma.

ID: 3459679

5. When this person went for a casual afternoon stroll.

ID: 3460350

6. When this guy didn’t realize trains end.

ID: 3461474

7. And when this tourist didn’t realize trains go both ways.

ID: 3461771

8. When this dude narrowly avoided death by sign.

ID: 3461751

9. When this person almost opened the fire hydrant in the wrong season.

ID: 3461446

10. When the bungee cord had too much slack.

ID: 3461799

11. When two groups of incredibly rich people went boating on the same day.

ID: 3461851

12. That time this guy didn’t hit the brakes.

ID: 3461864

13. When this woman with the umbrella was completely oblivious.

ID: 3461888

14. When these people stood a little to close to the implosion site.

ID: 3461891

15. That time this driver lived a little too close to the edge.

ID: 3461541

16. When this spectator got too extreme.

ID: 3462107

17. That time this car’s truck nearly ruined this threesome’s day.

ID: 3462435

18. When this girl decided to not use the crosswalk.

ID: 3462453

19. That time this dude picked the wrong part of the beach for a nap.

ID: 3462517

20. That time this pole ALMOST broke this guy’s fall.

ID: 3462527

21. When this car parked near the most ideal tree ever.

ID: 3462468

22. When this dude foolishly underestimated ice.

ID: 3462590

23. And that time this woman went to throw something in the trash.

ID: 3462611

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