30 Reasons For Baseball Fans To Be Optimistic This Season

It’s a new year, anything could happen. Hypothetically.

1. Perhaps the Cubs will find an ace in the hole.

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2. R.A. Dickey’s pitches could continue to do this north of the border.

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3. Maybe Braves fans will forget about that terrible call in the playoffs last season.

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4. And maybe Cardinals fans will stop reminding them.

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5. Maybe the Marlins’ owner will remember the goal is to win baseball games.

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6. It’s possible Houston Astros fans will eventually be able to recognize the names of the guys they’re rooting for.

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7. The Royals might have a better year than their mascot.

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8. The Athletics could give fans more reasons to Do The Bernie.

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9. L.A. Dodgers ownership could pay for Clayton Kershaw to be cloned.

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10. Maybe Philadelphia fans will stop making their whole city look bad.

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11. This may not be the highlight of the Padres season.

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12. Reporters could stop asking Bryce Harper clown questions.

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13. Maybe Prince Fielder will learn how to properly slide.

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14. The Rangers could score some extra payroll.

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15. It’s conceivable Dick Vitale is no longer the face of Rays fans.

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16. The Mets outfield miiiiiight not make fans feel like this.

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17. Maybe Bronson Arroyo will focus on his curveball rather than his guitar.

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18. Billy Haywood might teach the Twins to have fun again.

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19. Maybe the MLB will continue to ignore the steroid allegations surrounding Ryan Braun.

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20. The Indians might start scouting the California Penal League.

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21. Maybe Joseph Gordon Levitt will become a bandwagon Angels fan.

ID: 1036013

22. King Felix and Jason Bay could reprise this photo shoot.

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23. The White Sox could remember there are cameras in the dugout.

ID: 1035776

24. Who knows? The Red Sox could overachieve this year.

ID: 1035793

25. The Pirates might buy higher quality rosin bags.

ID: 1035867

26. Rockies starting pitchers might possibly last longer than 4 innings per outing.

ID: 1035875

27. Thunder Dan Marjerle might join the Diamondbacks outfield.

ID: 1035213

28. Orioles Magic could continue.

ID: 1035983

29. The Yankees could stumble upon the fountain of youth.

ID: 1035995

30. And maybe the Giants won’t get greedy. Two World Series in three years is enough.

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