28 Stages Of Thanksgiving Eve Awkwardness

It’s amazing how social people get after a few drinks.

1. Are you ready for the biggest bar night of the year?

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2. Okay, but are you prepared to have the same conversation with 20 people you haven’t seen in forever?

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3. Most of whom you didn’t particularly like growing up?

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4. Don’t stress.

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5. Sure, it’s awkward at first, but there’s a cure for that…

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6. You can totally fake it for one night.

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7. So grab another beer…

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8. Have a shot…

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9. Before you know it, this:

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10. Turns into this:

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11. Now you’re ready to catch up!

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12. “Wow, you’re engaged?”

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13. “Wait, you make how much money?”

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14. Fuck, okay, breathe, and find the closest bartender…

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15. Reminisce about the good ole days.

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16. Laugh about how lame you were in high school.

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18. See, this isn’t that bad!

ID: 708262

19. Look! You’re even dancing!

ID: 707671

20. Dear God, you’re having fun!

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21. You start realizing you might like these people!

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22. Then your high school crush walks into the bar.

ID: 707874

23. And for some inexplicable reason is talking to you

ID: 708284

24. Your last memory is that misguided round of courage shots.

ID: 708287

25. Next thing you know it’s Thanksgiving.

ID: 707666

26. You have a crippling hungover, but get to watch football and do this all day.

ID: 706949

27. And remember there’s always light at the end of the tunnel…

ID: 708349

28. No more awkward conversations for a whole year… Ah shit, I forgot about Christmas

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