22 People Who Should Stay Away From The Beach For A While

It’s not for everyone.

1. This retired skimborder who was looking for one last ride.

ID: 3331199

2. This girl and her very practical footwear.

ID: 3390892

3. This dude who ruined a stranger’s nap.

ID: 3390765

4. This poor sap who DEFINITELY dropped the ring.

ID: 3390818

5. This guy who needed a higher SPF level.

ID: 3390941

6. These guys and their traumatized dog.

ID: 3390826

7. Anyone who used this hole.

ID: 3390989

8. This acrobat.

ID: 3390852

9. This guy who mistimed the wave.

ID: 3390904

10. This family who didn’t know how sand works.

ID: 3394076

11. This parkour dude trying to impress the ladies…

ID: 3390948

12. This kid who stuck the landing.

ID: 3390975

13. This future owner of a bus pass.

ID: 3391320

14. This couple who got punked by a rogue wave.

ID: 3391242

15. This girl who JUST missed the water.

ID: 3393618

16. This former boogie boarder.

ID: 3393794

17. This poor ice cream lover.

ID: 3393773

18. This guy who’ll never go parasailing again.

ID: 3393899

19. This extreme dude.

ID: 3394022

20. This guy who thought Crocs were a good idea.

ID: 3394031

21. Whoever thought this cat was enjoying itself.

ID: 3393811

22. This lucky guy.

ID: 3393629

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