23 Company Holiday Party Blunders To Avoid

Escape with your dignity and employment status still intact.

Someone always makes a fool of themselves, don’t let that fool be you!

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1. Remember to dress appropriately

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2. Because THIS is not what they meant by “festive attire.”

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3. Be careful when drinking with the boss.

See what I did there?

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4. Because alcohol is not a reason to tell him how you REALLY feel.

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5. Don’t get handsy with co-workers.

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6. This is not a good time to reveal your drug habits.

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7. If you CAN’T dance. Don’t dance.

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If you CAN dance. By all means go to town.

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8. Shirts are not optional!

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9. Don’t compare beer bellies

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10. Watch yourself with the drunk toasts.

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11. Find the bathroom. Not the stairwell or nearest potted plant.

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12. Don’t get caught making out in the storage closet.

It’s totally cliche.

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13. Or proudly picking your nose.

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14. Try not to get caught staring.

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15. Bringing an inflatable sex doll isn’t funny, bro.

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16. This is not an acceptable way to laugh…

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17. There’s no need for double fisting, it’s an open bar.

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18. Think twice before dropping it low.

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19. Seriously…

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20. Okay, um, wow, that’s way too low …

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21. And don’t sit on Santa’s lap.

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22. You’ll regret it when the picture is posted everywhere in the office.

ID: 737714

Just pray these people aren’t throwing your party.

ID: 735693

23. Oh yea, be wary of after party invitations…

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