18 Terrible Things To Get While Trick-Or-Treating

Finding any of this crap mingling with your precious Halloween haul is a total buzzkill.

You’ve been trick-or-treating for the past 3 hours, and blacked out from the adrenaline and excitement

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Now it’s finally time to inspect the goodies in your overflowing pillowcase…

ID: 646757

But instead of being engulfed in sugar-filled ecstasy…

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1. You end up with pennies…

ID: 645724

3. Pretzels in the shape of pumpkins and bats

ID: 646002

4. Mediocre Double Bubble Gum

ID: 645929

5. Toothpaste

ID: 645866

Yea, fuckin’ raisins

ID: 645883

7. Mealy apples

ID: 645926

8. Stupid popcorn-filled gloves

ID: 645970

9. Toothbrushes

ID: 646021

12. Butterscotch flavored garbage

ID: 646046

13. Ceramic ghosts

ID: 646082

14. Worthless Halloween-themed crap

ID: 646097

16. Tiny plastic pumpkins

ID: 646042

17. Good & Plenty (a.k.a. the worst candy ever invented)

ID: 645982

18. Some people forgot to buy candy altogether and just give whatever’s left in the cupboard

ID: 647474

So, if you’re an egregious offender of giving awful treats remember to get something good this year

ID: 647229

Or forever live with the fact you annually MAKE CHILDREN CRY…

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