16 Mascots Who Really Don’t Give A $#!%

What happens when the guy in the costume stops being cute and starts getting real.

1. This Rockets mascot who’s extremely welcoming to visiting fans.

ID: 841114

2. This badass who clotheslined a Pop-Warner football player.

ID: 841051

3. The duck who snapped.

ID: 841049

4. The Phanatic who tried to make “Simon Says” NSFW.

ID: 841620

5. These idiots.

ID: 842084

6. This head-butting monster.

ID: 841097

7. This guy who tried to eat a child at the beach.

ID: 841117

8. This inflated bear who scared the wrong kid.

ID: 841088

9. This raptor that said, “Screw you, I’m blading to work!”

ID: 841693

10. This dance-off that escalated quickly.

ID: 842215

11. The gopher who went all WWE on this badger.

ID: 841813

12. This hater of horses.

ID: 841809

13. The Chicago Bull who bravely mocked Diddy right to his face.

ID: 841805

14. This mascot who laid out a fan at mid-court.

ID: 842066

15. This mascot who got fed up with cheerleaders stealing his thunder.

ID: 843048

16. And this poor guy who didn’t even fight back.

ID: 841098

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