21 Times Moms Proved They Were The Funny One In The Family

These are way better than “dad jokes.”

1. When this mom took parenting instructions to the next level.

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2. When this mom made a parody video of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.”

“I’m so pregnant…”

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3. When this mom meant business.

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4. When this mom dropped some cold, hard truth.

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5. When this mom sent her kid off to college.

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6. When this mom did whatever she did in the last ten minutes.

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7. When this mom knew exactly what she was doing.

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8. When this mom updated her kid’s snack packer for high school.

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9. When this mom epically trolled her son.

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10. When this mom was totally over Facebook.

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11. When this mom absolutely crushed the “Evolution Of Mom Dancing” on The Tonight Show.

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12. When this mom trolled her kid via snapchat.

My mom likes to snapchat me

— ! (@kevinillest)
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13. And this mom trolled hers bright and early.

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14. When this mom parodied “Let It Go.”

“I’ll never get my abs back/The past is in the past!”

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15. When this mom got a glimpse into the future.

"When I grow up I get to say all of the bad words. Like every single one." Looks like I have the next Steve Jobs on my hands, guys.

— Jess Sanfilippo (@shuggilippo)
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16. When this mom came through on her son’s request for a birthday cake with Jesus riding a stegosaurus on it.

ID: 3694476

17. When this mom was all out of sympathy.

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18. When this mom “replaced” her daughter’s iPhone after she lost it at a bar.

ID: 3703325

19. When this mom told it like it is.

It's cute how my kids think that just because I'm their mom I'm going to make dinner.

— Sarcastic Mommy (@sarcasticmommy4)
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20. When this mom knew exactly how to prepare her kid for an interview.

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21. And lastly, when this mom played her kid like a fiddle.

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