21 Truths All People Who Sing In The Car Know To Be True

Don’t act like your voice isn’t hoarse after every road trip.

1. Your car is not just your mode of transportation, it’s also your performance space.

2. In fact, with the possible exception of your shower, there’s nowhere your voice sounds better.

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3. Seriously, in your car you’re like:

4. You hate traffic because when you’re in it you have to tone things down a little.

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5. This means fewer hand gestures and over-the-top facial expressions.


6. City driving is tough, too, and you often have to abruptly stop singing when you pull up next to someone attractive.

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7. When your jam comes on, though, you don’t care who sees you.

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8. You sing along to the songs you know.

9. And make up lyrics to the ones you don’t.

10. You even perform genres of music people wouldn’t expect you to enjoy, like gangsta rap.

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11. If you’re feeling down and a sad song comes on you’ll probably end up cry singing and that’s totally okay.


12. You’ve spent many a commute figuring out the harmonies to your favorite songs, and have fantasized about going on tour as a back-up singer.

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13. When someone says they could hear you singing before you got out of your car, you’re momentarily embarrassed.

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14. But then you’re like, “Fuck it, I sounded good.”


15. Driving with people you don’t know very well is the worst because it means you MUST. NOT. SING.

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16. Other people - like your family - you can sing in front of, but they don’t always appreciate your sweet dulcet tones.

Rommel Canlas / Via

17. Thankfully, when you drive with your best friend it’s duet time.

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18. With a best friend you can sing anything, even emotional jams that will forever stay within the confines of your car.

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19. And while driving with your dog may not be quite as much fun, it’s still awesome because you can shamelessly bust out the falsetto.

Flickr: akahige / Via Creative Commons

20. In the end you may run into a few haters now and again, but you’re not going to let them throw you off your game.

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21. Because if singing in the car is wrong, you don’t want to be right.

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