Toronto Police Have The Rob Ford Crack Video

Chief Bill Blair said Thursday in a news conference that police have obtained a video of Mayor Ford that is “consistent with what has previously been reported in the media,” and he is “disappointed” in what he watched.

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After Gawker and the Toronto Star revealed the existence of a video earlier this year of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford allegedly smoking crack cocaine with drug dealers, Ford fired back, stating that there absolutely was no video.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair said today that there is, in fact, a video.

In a news conference Thursday, Blair said his department has obtained a video featuring Mayor Ford that is “consistent with what has previously been reported in the media.”

Blair would not divulge what he saw when he watched the clip, but he did say he is “disappointed” in its content.

The video was seized by Toronto PD on Oct. 29 during a forensic investigation of a hard drive related to the case, Blair said.

A 476-page warrant was released to the media Thursday detailing the charges against Ford friend and driver Sandro Lisi, who police are charging with extortion.

Blair says the video will be presented in court.

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3. The documents released today contain surveillance photos of Ford and Lisi together.

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4. Toronto police launched the investigation into Ford following the allegations that video of Ford smoking crack exists.

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5. Ford has repeatedly denied that such a video exists. On Thursday, he was filmed in a heated confrontation with reporters in his driveway.

Watch the full clip of Ford clashing with reporters on Toronto Star’s website.

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6. UPDATE: The embattled Mayor Ford said “he has no reason to resign” in a brief statement outside his office at Toronto City Hall on Thursday.

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Full court documents related the arrest Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's friend Sandro Lisi (474 pages!)

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Full court documents related the arrest Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s friend Sandro Lisi (474 pages!)

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