17 Words That Mean Something Totally Different To Fast Food Workers

No, sir, that coupon does not mean you get three free meals.

1. Ball Pit

Camknows / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: camknows

What you think it means: A place where kids go to play after they enjoy their fast food meal.

What it actually means: A place where kids play while eating their food. It’s fraught with fries, burgers, and questionable sauces, and it always smells like feet.

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2. Standing

Joe Monin / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jmonin87

What you think it means: It means your body is upright and perpendicular to the ground.

What it actually means: Being on your feet for no less than seven hours in some cases. Your feet throb by the end of your shift.

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3. Drive-Thru

Jeremy Brooks / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jeremybrooks

What you think it means: A position that requires one to take money from a customer in exchange for a good, typically food.

What it actually means: Taking multiple orders, taking cash and/or credit cards from customers, and trying not to lose your mind.

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4. Holiday

Bravo / Via tamaratattles.com

What you think it means: A glorified day off of work.

What it actually means: A day where people still come into the restaurant in droves, making you dislike people even more. Who goes to McDonald’s on a holiday, anyway?

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5. Stock Truck

What you think it means: A vehicle that carries the inventory for your particular store.

What it actually means: A truck that you dread seeing because you’ll have to unload all of the items and put them into their respective spots within the store.

ID: 3532559

6. Lunchtime

Leonid Mamchenkov / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mamchenkov

What you think it means: A time when people come into the restaurant to get some food before they finish their work shift. A peaceful, non-hectic process.

What it actually means: Total chaos. People forget how to form a single file line, which makes it harder to assist people and get them their food in a timely manner.

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7. Kids Toy

Ursala Erdbeer / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ursalaerdbeer

What you think it means: A complimentary toy that comes with a kid’s meal.

What it actually means: A plastic object that often makes parents more upset than their children if it happens to be out of stock at your particular store.

ID: 3532735

8. Break

What you think it means: A time for you to relax and catch up on texts from your friends.

What it actually means: The perfect opportunity for customers to ignore the fact that you’re off the clock and continue asking you to add more napkins to the dispenser.

ID: 3533097

9. Regular Customer

What you think it means: A nice person who generally visits the restaurant more than three times a week.

What it actually means: A generally nice person who visits the restaurant more than three times a week, however, they go completely ballistic if the price on one of their favorite foods increases, even if it’s just one cent.

ID: 3533941

10. Coupon

What you think it means: A discount that usually allows for the customer to get a sweet deal on some fries or a drink.

What it actually means: A sweet deal that the customer misinterprets, thus attempting to make a sweet deal even sweeter.

ID: 3533144

11. Body Odor

Disney / Via entertainment.ie

What you think it means: A less than pleasant smell coming from your body, usually because of sweat.

What it actually means: You smell like fries. And chicken nuggets. All day, every day.

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12. Bathroom

What you think it means: A place where you go to urinate or freshen up.

What it actually means: A place to escape from the madness. Where you go to text your friends and take selfies.

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13. Menu

Alpha / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: avlxyz

What you think it means: An illuminated board with gorgeous pictures of the food your restaurant serves.

What it actually means: An illuminated board that renders customers speechless because they can never decide what they want to order, despite the fact that the menu items haven’t changed in years.

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14. Cashier

Chris Goldberg / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: chrisgold

What you think it means: Someone who’s generally chipper, greets customers with a smile, and happily takes orders.

What it actually means: Someone who’s tired from standing all day and focused on trying to make sure their register doesn’t come up short.

ID: 3533445

15. Straggler

Renaissance Films / Via heykai.com

What you think it means: A person who’s left behind, someone who’s probably lost his/her way.

What it actually means: Someone who comes in right before your shift ends. It sucks because you have to serve them, which delays your freedom a few minutes longer. Hopefully they won’t opt to dine in.

ID: 3533506

16. Acne

Caitlin Regan / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: caitlinator

What you think it means:A thing that appears on your skin because your pores get filled with dirt.

What it actually means: Your pores are almost always at capacity because you’re sweating incessantly since you work in a place with limited airflow. Basically, you have perpetual “pizza face.”

ID: 3533599

17. Fresh Food

Screen Gems / Via dailyedge.ie

What you think it means: Food that’s just come off of the skillet, fryer, and/or burner.

What it actually means: Food that has been reheated to seem fresh. For example, sometimes fast food workers will drop already cold fries in the grease for a few moments to trick/appease customers.

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