36 Facts About Pop Punk That Will Make You Feel Old

These were the best days of our lives.

1. Adam Lazzarra, 2007 vs. 2013

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2. And the fact that he no longer moves like this.

ID: 1572464

3. But like this.

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4. The album Tell All Your Friends recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

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5. So did Take This To Your Grave.

ID: 1571386

6. And in that time, Pete Wentz married someone, had a baby, and is now divorced. His son, Bronx, is now 4 years old.

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7. And Thursday’s Full Collapse, that album is 12 years old.

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8. This is what the Blink-182 girl looks like today.

ID: 1571410

9. There is a Kidz Bop version of “All The Small Things.”

ID: 1573571

10. And Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue.”

ID: 1573582

11. The fact that there is a musical based on a Green Day album.

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12. Warped Tour is now old enough to go to college.

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13. Jimmy Eat World have been a band for 20 years.

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14. And this is how old they are now.

ID: 1571683

15. And remember when Davey Havoc of AFI used to look like this?

ID: 1572957

16. This is what he looks like today.

ID: 1572975

17. Kill Your Idols played one of the last shows at CBGB in 2006. It has now been closed for seven years.

ID: 1571813

18. And all of the best venues on Long Island have now shut their doors.

ID: 1573473

19. Patent Pending have been a band for 12 years and they’re still going strong.

ID: 1571895

20. And they formed around the same time that Something Corporate’s “If You C Jordan” was released.

ID: 1572764

21. All of those band T-shirts you once had have now been turned into a fabulous DIY scarf.

ID: 1572067

22. This Brand New Your Favorite Weapon vinyl is going for $400 on eBay.

ID: 1572098

23. Cartel once slept and wrote songs in a bubble for a week and people actually showed up to see them.

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24. This is what Chris Conley looked like when Stay What You Are first came out.

ID: 1572128

25. This is what he looks like today.

ID: 1572301

26. And this was a show that happened in 1998.

ID: 1572275

27. The Ataris have gone through 19 members since they first became a band.

ID: 1573047

28. This is what they look like today.

ID: 1573057

29. Less Than Jake is now playing boat cruises.

ID: 1573448

30. Most of the guys in the Get Up Kids now have kids of their own.

ID: 1573104

31. One of the most popular pop-punk bands right now is named after a line in a New Found Glory song.

ID: 1572514

32. Some bands made songs about MySpace.

ID: 1572689

33. 95% of these kids are no longer friends.

ID: 1572454

34. And 99% of them are no longer posi.

ID: 1572479

35. But even if we’re all getting older, we can all still remember the glory days, right?

ID: 1572866

36. Because after seeing what Deryck Whibley from Sum 41 looks like today, we’re all going to have to.

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