26 Symptoms Of Entering Your Senior Year Of College

This post is brought to you by all the feelings.

1. “Back-to-school shopping” for senior year means “stocking up on liquor,” now that you’re 21.

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2. Especially when you realize how expensive drinking will be when you leave your college town.

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3. Instead of buying books, you find them for free in the bowels of the internet.

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4. But maybe you buy a new pen or two, you know, just in case.

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5. The packing and move-in stages are no brainers to you by now.

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6. You really can’t be bothered to decorate your room anymore.

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7. Rather than get all dolled up, a clean pair of sweatpants is your “first day outfit.”

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8. You accept the inevitable, like sleeping at 5 a.m. and waking up whenever the universe wills it.

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9. A balanced breakfast? FORGET ABOUT IT.

Cold harsh reality.

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10. Going to the gym? LOL NOPE.

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11. And if you’re doing one, you begin mentally preparing yourself for your thesis or senior project.

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12. As it slowly but surely becomes your lord and master.

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13. You select your classes based on the attendance policy.

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14. And you use the syllabus to calculate how much work you actually need to do to pass the class.

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15. While freshmen start to look like toddlers who’ve invaded the campus with their Smirnoff Ice.

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16. And they insist on asking you for advice since you’ve mastered BSing on the spot.

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17. It seems like everyone and their estranged father is asking you, “What are you doing after graduation?”

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18. And your parents are checking up on you to make sure you’re on the road to real-personhood, just like in high school!

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19. You’re cleaning up your Facebook and hoping no future employers see photos of you having a good time.

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20. But with dismal career prospects, grad school has become a serious life choice.

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21. You’re in deep denial that every experience at school is your “last” everything ever.

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22. Like, it’ll be the last time you sit in the student section at your last home game.

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23. So you’ve started your senior year bucket list — things like having sex in the library.

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24. And more attainable goals like sneaking onto a roof and watching the sunrise.

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25. Because you’re seeing everything through graduation goggles.

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26. And as much as you just want to throw in the towel, it’s your senior year, and goddammit you’re gonna make it count.

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