26 Paralyzing Moments Of Paranoia That Happen To Everyone

Don’t even bother leaving the house anymore. But there’s probably a serial killer hiding in your bathtub.

1. When your friends give you really vague plans because ugh they don’t want to see you so stop asking.

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2. When you plug something into an outlet, you momentarily reminisce about what a great life you had.

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3. When the elevator stops for a minute and oh my god you’re trapped.

Quite Nice Pictures / Via dadlovesmovies.com
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4. When someone borrows your phone and you just know they’re going to drop it.

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5. Avoiding sidewalk grates into which you will most definitely plummet to your death.

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6. That certain someone you like texts back with “k” and that means they never want to see you again.

ID: 1515189

7. When something brushes against your skin and jesus christ it’s a spider.

João P. Burini / Via commons.wikimedia.org
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8. Sending an email to the right person but you ABSOLUTELY SWEAR you sent it to someone else.

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9. Thinking you didn’t lock your door and going back because you will get robbed.

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10. Nearly having palpitations when it’s late and that person behind you is definitely stalking you.

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11. Turning off the lights and running THE FUCK back to bed before creatures from hell get you.

ID: 1514980

12. Thinking every little sound at night is a serial killer that broke into the house.

Nickelodeon / Via narwhaler.com
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13. Getting into your car and checking the backseat for the psycho that’s hiding back there.

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14. Hitting a speed bump in the road is actually you killing an animal and taking away a precious life.

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15. Hearing the plane engine make a noise and everyone is certainly going to die.

ID: 1513556

16. Constantly hitting save because your computer will suddenly delete everything you love.

Comedy Central / Via southpark-gifs.tumblr.com
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17. Changing all your answers on a scantron because there’s NO WAY that there should be 5 B’s in a row.

ID: 1512355

18. When someone borrows your computer, they’ll definitely see your entire embarrassing Internet history.

ID: 1512349

19. You have a stomachache so chances are you have appendicitis.

ID: 1512451

20. Fast-forwarding through a YouTube video before watching it because something will pop up, you just know it.

ID: 1514819

21. Feeling your knees turn to mush at 57 (or 5) floors above the ground because you will probably fall and die.

ID: 1514659

22. Setting multiple alarms because you’ll never wake up and snooze every single one.

ID: 1514360

23. Whenever someone is late, it’s clearly because they’re in mortal peril.

Cartoon Network / Via 4thegifs.tumblr.com
ID: 1514533

24. You failed to kill that giant centipede, so it’ll come and devour you in your sleep.

ID: 1515852

25. Avoiding looking into the bathroom mirror late at night because there’s totally a demon behind you.

NBC / Via youtube.com
ID: 1512477

26. And always: going into the bathroom and checking behind the shower curtain because there’s definitely a murderer.

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