24 Ways Musical Theater Made You A Better Person

But actually. Growing up as a drama kid gets you ready for anything.

1. You know how to make a grand entrance.

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2. Even when it means being five minutes early.

“from empty room to full room in 5 minutes… #auditionseason”

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3. Or even five hours early.

“Pretty excited for our 12:30am call backs #auditionlife”

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4. Either way, you know how to command the room.

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5. You can absorb information quickly.

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6. And you can change your outfit at the drop of a hat.

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7. You understand proper makeup application.

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8. And proper makeup removal.

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9. You know how to warm up your body.

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10. And your voice.

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11. So you can talk, mix, and belt your face off.

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12. And when you did tech, you learned several uses for gaff tape.

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13. And the importance of good lighting.

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14. In fact, you’ve acquired a vast array of special skills.

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15. Like roller-skating.

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16. And harmonizing on cue.

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17. And the art of smizing.

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18. Every talent you add to your arsenal will get you far.

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19. When you get there, you always say thank you.

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20. And you understand how to live in the moment.

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21. You also know how to take it when you hear no.

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22. And you’ve learned how to process your emotions.

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23. And you’re not afraid to get back in the game.

ID: 1288131

So it doesn’t matter if you did theater in high school…

ID: 1289928

Or if you’re still performing today.

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24. Because if you can take anything the theater world throws at you…

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You can take on the world!

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