27 Years Of The Most Awesome Christmas Presents You Wished You’d Gotten

Don’t love your Christmas present this year? It could be worse. Remember the presents you wanted every single year but your parents never got you until the year AFTER it was cool?

In 1985, the NES was the greatest Christmas present of ALL TIME (and still is).


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Whether you were a cool kid or an adult in 1986, Sony had a tiny audio product for you.

(Sony released the first portable CD player in 1984, but it was the 1986 launch of the D-7 that really wowed critics and made portable CD players seriously popular.) youtube.com

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In 1987, Wal-Mart made sure that EVERYBODY could finally play the “original” Lazer Tag:


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Before the Wii, before the PlayStation Move, before the Kinect, there was the POWER Pad in 1988:


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Tetris was OUTRAGEOUS on the Game Boy in 1989 because it was played by ninjas with LASER FINGERS:


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In 1990, if you got a Sega Genesis, all the neighborhood kids would storm your house:

(The Genesis came out in 1989, but it didn’t do so well until 1990, when it started being bundled with Sonic the Hedgehog.) youtube.com

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Even Paul Rudd wanted an SNES in 1991.


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Game Genie turned everyone into a cheater in 1992.


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Everybody wanted the most annoying toy ever in 1993…


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…and again in 1994, just in a different package.


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Everybody tripped balls for a PlayStation in 1995.


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The N64 did this to children everywhere in 1996…


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…until they were possessed by Tamagotchis in 1997…


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…which led to people inviting creepy Furbys into their house in 1998.

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OK, not everybody NEEDED a Dreamcast in 1999, but I WISH they did because then Sega might not’ve killed it.


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In 2000, the PlayStation 2 was so cool, David Lynch even directed ads for it.


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In 2001, we wanted an Xbox, but really only to play “Halo.”


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If you were a dadbro or businessbro in 2002, all you needed to conquer the world was this BlackBerry:

The BlackBerry 5810, to be precise.

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Ipods weren’t just for Mac nerds anymore starting in 2003.


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If you were a cool kid with rich parents in 2004, you got the first COOL cell phone since Zack Morris, the MOTO RAZR.


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Can you believe the Xbox 360 is SEVEN years old? Aghajglhj.


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Nintendo struck again, reducing children to screaming fits of tears with the Wii in 2006.


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Of course this was all we wanted for Christmas (or whatever excuse we could dream up) in 2007:


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I seriously can’t believe we all wanted these terrible things in 2008:

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People finally knew what a Kindle was in 2009 and literacy was saved for Christmas.


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In 2010, YOU got to be the controller, whatever THAT means, with the Xbox Kinect:


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Apple made everybody feel real sappy so they’d want an iPad 2 in 2011:


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And who didn’t wish they got the cutest tablet of the year yesterday?


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(Thumbnail image: hezicon)

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