The 16 Greatest Diva Moments At The Grammys

These ladies owned the night.

16. When Beyoncé stepped into the 360 glam cam and blew it away in her black and white pantsuit.

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15. And when she looked like a total diva just signing autographs.

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14. When J Lo glided around with her leg flapping out.

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13. When Katy Perry hair flipped with her cleavage out.

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12. When Kelly Rowland just stood there and was a flawless diva anyway.

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11. When Elton John strode out in these glasses and this jacket.

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10. When Taylor Swift performed in front of an entire circus.

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9. And when she struck this modern diva pose.

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8. When Rihanna glided along the red carpet.

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7. And then when she flipped her diva hair.

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6. When Adele got on stage and was an entire diva garden all in one person.

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5. When country diva Carrie Underwood lit up like a diva Christmas tree.

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4. When Kelly Clarkson came out and belted her face off.

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3. When diva Alicia Keys decided to sing and play the drums at the same time while standing up.

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2. And then when she sang with diva Adam Levine.

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1. And last but not least… when Ellen took credit as the biggest diva of them all.

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