The 35 Greatest Moments Ever On "The Ellen Show"

Lots of dancing, scaring Taylor Swift, and also one frisky anaconda.

1. When she pulled off a flawless “Gangnam Style” with Psy and Britney.

ID: 834130

2. When she discovered the Shake Weight.

ID: 833876

3. When she literally tore off Mario Lopez’s clothes.

ID: 834072

4. When she got Barack Obama to show us his hip moves.

ID: 834124

5. When this absolutely perfect Photoshop happened.

ID: 830726

6. Pretty much whenever she walks out on stage.

ID: 833614

7. When she “walked in” on Jack drawing that naughty picture of Rose.

ID: 830901

8. When she terrified Emma Stone with a fake spider.

ID: 830906

9. When she broke this news to everybody who didn’t already know.

ID: 830909

10. And told us not to worry, cause it gets better.

ID: 830913

11. Whenever she speaks the truth.

ID: 833659

12. When she got Ryan Gosling into an adorable onesie.

ID: 833295

13. When she busted rhymes with Rebel Wilson.

ID: 833409

14. And when she danced perfectly with Amy Poehler.

ID: 833417

15. When she identified with Simon Cowell.

ID: 833432

16. And when she identified with Kirstie Alley.

ID: 833875

17. When she said this undeniable fact.

ID: 833660


ID: 833860

19. But ESPECIALLY this time.

ID: 833968

20. When she called Taylor Swift gross.

ID: 833873

21. When she promoted these flawless little girls to stardom.

ID: 830897

Sophia Grace & Rosie a.k.a. the girls who blasted Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” out of this world.

ID: 830895

22. When she defied Team Edward and Team Jacob.

ID: 833877

23. When Robert Pattinson accidentally grabbed Taylor Lautner’s junk.

ID: 833971

24. When she dressed as Sofia Vergara’s infamous wardrobe malfunction.

ID: 833884

25. Basically whenever she was her flawless self.

ID: 833888

26. When she copied Lady Gaga’s look.

ID: 833907

27. When Chris Matthews accidentally grabbed her boobs.

ID: 833910

28. When Tony the DJ fell out of his chair.

ID: 833915

29. When Jeff Corwin brought a snake and it got a little too friendly.

ID: 833951

Relive that wonderful moment here.

ID: 833955

30. Basically whenever she interacted with Taylor Swift.

ID: 833961

31. When she showed Kristen Bell some sloths and Kristen freaked.

ID: 834030

32. Whenever she reminded us that sometimes boys are the worst.

ID: 834032

33. Whenever she preached about the good things.

ID: 833938

34. When she explained this golden rule of good humor.

ID: 830401

35. And basically whenever she broke that rule.

ID: 830407

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