Surprised Patrick Is Surprised By Everything On The Internet

Spongebob’s clueless starfish friend is — for some reason — the stupefied star of the latest Internet meme.

1. It started with surprised Patrick in chocolate…

ID: 1013971

2. And then surprised Patrick started popping up EVERYWHERE…

ID: 1019818

3. Surprised by the ocean.

ID: 1013960

4. Surprised by chocolate frosting.

ID: 1016123

5. Surprised by a rapid stream.

ID: 1016250

6. Surprised by Life of Pi.

ID: 1013959

7. Surprised by this turtle on a record player.

ID: 1013964

8. Surprised by space.

ID: 1013958

9. Surprised by a flowery tree.

ID: 1013963

10. Surprised by this weather.

ID: 1013966

11. Surprised by an empty field.

ID: 1013968

12. Surprised by the Real Housewives.

ID: 1016063

13. Surprised by Monsters, Inc.

ID: 1016166

14. Surprised by this bar fight.

ID: 1016243

15. Surprised Mona Lisa.

ID: 1013957

16. Surprised by Nicki Minaj’s bounce.

ID: 1021705

17. And, of course, surprised in the backseat with 50 Cent.

ID: 1013961
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