26 Reasons Kids Should Not Be Allowed On Facebook

Mid-puberty awkwardness + internet connection = Facebook destruction.

1. When the internet gods created internet, maybe they didn’t realize that one day, kids would use Facebook to smother themselves in Nutella…

ID: 992517

2. Or to learn geography…

ID: 992211

3. Or to share political ideologies.

ID: 992501

4. But alas, kids have found their way to the internet. And it’s the worst.

ID: 992402

5. They basically have no idea what’s going on ever.

ID: 992122

6. They’re disgusting.

ID: 992226

7. And outrageously horny for their age.

ID: 992394

8. Sometimes they forget they’re also friends with their parents and post things like this:

ID: 992227

9. They’re filthy hypocrites.

ID: 992296

10. Their “romantic relationships” amount to basically nothing.

ID: 992304

11. Also the things they do make absolutely NO SENSE.

ID: 992503

12. They post nonsense like this:

ID: 992513

13. And this:

ID: 992713

14. They. Know. NOTHING.

ID: 992395

15. They’re not well-prepared for the future.

ID: 992392

16. They think they’re much cooler than they really are.

ID: 992398

17. They type like this.

ID: 993045

18. They have little to no knowledge of elementary geography…

ID: 992399

20. They’re greedy and ungrateful.

ID: 992416

21. Like, exceptionally greedy and ungrateful.

ID: 992496

22. They are responsible for this:

ID: 992494

23. They disguise themselves horribly.

ID: 992520

24. And try to be grown up.

ID: 992522

25. But actually they’re just ridiculous.

ID: 992755

26. And basically they are DISGUSTING LITTLE BEINGS and they should NOT be allowed on the internet.

ID: 992400

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