23 Times Neil Patrick Harris Did Something Legendary In 2012

LEGEN…wait for it…DARY!

1. That time he and his family dressed like this for Halloween.

Flaw-free ensemble.

ID: 760572

2. That time he dressed like this before Halloween.

Photos from AKM-GSI / Via buzzfeed.com
ID: 760647

3. That time he went to a Madonna concert and made this face.

ID: 760595

4. That time he “got high” at a hot-air balloon show.

ID: 760596

5. That time he posed like this in Paris.

ID: 760597

6. That time he won an Emmy for hosting the Tony Awards and then made this face.

ID: 760598

7. That time he was blown away with a Lego Woody and Buzz.

ID: 760601

8. That time he posed with McKayla Maroney.

ID: 760603

9. That time he went on vacation with Elton John.

INF Photo / Via buzzfeed.com
ID: 765343

10. That time Oprah came to his house.

ID: 760620

11. And that time Oprah blessed his dog.

ID: 763312

12. And that time he made pizza for Oprah.

ID: 763316

13. That time he helped feed the homeless and also he was dressed super dapper.

FameFlynet Pictures / Via buzzfeed.com
ID: 765350

14. That time he battled a bunch of ninjas dressed as Caesar.

ID: 760660

15. That time he hosted the Tony Awards again.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

For like the THIRD time.

ID: 760682

16. And that time he hung like Spiderman.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters
ID: 760678

17. That time this picture with Taylor Swift happened.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
ID: 760695

18. And that time this picture with Snoop and Jordin Sparks happened.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images
ID: 760697

19. That time he and his fiancé were on the cover of Out magazine’s love issue.

ID: 763324

20. And when they were all cuddly inside it.

ID: 763643

21. That time this happened after the Oscars.

ID: 763412

22. That time he lit up a Christmas tree with Barack.

Alex Brandon / AP
ID: 760670

23. And that time he lifted his daughter with the sheer, legendary power of NPH.

ID: 763308

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