23 Reasons Why Facebook Couples Are The Worst

Nobody cares about your one month anniversary. NOBODY. CARES.

1. They start WAY too early with their smothering love.


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2. And they usually have absolutely no idea what’s going on.

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3. They commemorate every mundane moment with cheesy displays of affection.

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4. And they’re pretty much just stupid and awful.

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5. They do THIS.

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6. And THIS.

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7. And they drive you INSANE.

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8. Like an overly attached couple at a restaurant.

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9. You want to tell them how you really feel. But you hold back.

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10. They go to pointless lengths to show their love to the world.

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11. And it’s awkward and unpleasant.

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12. And mostly they’re just actually insane.

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13. Of course, one of them is always more excited than the other. Which is sad.

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14. You feel obligated to indulge in their uncomfortable endearments.

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15. Their statuses make you feel weird about what their love actually means.

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16. They don’t realize why their relationship is awful.

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17. But you see the problem. Every day.

ID: 794174

18. Then their breakups are all public and sad.

ID: 782626

19. And you don’t know what to say…

ID: 794131

20. And you hope they’ll just figure out what went wrong…

ID: 782622

21. And move on….

ID: 794586

22. And find someone new.

ID: 794140

23. Even though they’ll probably end up being like every other couple, which is awful and the worst and everybody should just stop.

ID: 794192

But really. I wish you all the best.

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