19 Reasons We Are All Nick Kyrgios

Greece, speed lines and pizza. Tennis has a new sensation.

19-year-old Aussie Nick Kyrgios has shocked Spanish world number one Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon in one of the great upsets.

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And although it wasn’t a cake-walk, Kyrgios was chill enough to hit winners like this.

“Are you not entertained??!!”

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Kyrgios is the first player outside the top 100 to defeat a world number one at a major tournament in 22 years!

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1. Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios loves Greece because his father Giorgio is Greek.

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2. Nick Kyrgios has divided loyalties at the World Cup.

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Australia, you're up. #lezzgooo

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)
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3. Nick Kyrgios’ idol is Roger Federer…. who won his first Grand Slam when Kyrgios was nine years old.

Epic. #experience

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)
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4. He was a bit chubs in his youth… but kept balling with Wu Tang.

“@stu_fraser: Some nice lines from Nick Kyrgios' mum on how he first started http://t.co/jEADstwc3e ” #greatread

— Paul McNamee (@PaulFMcNamee)
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6. And sweet raspberries.

Not many things better. #raspberries

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)
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7. When it comes to choosing Beats, he loves pink.

London bound. Love this guy so much! #Bro #Hench #LebronFace #EuroStar #Beats #Almonds

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)
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Do you all remember this moment?#atmosphere #Beats #nike

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)
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All pink everything.

The Kyrgios power salute

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8. His speed lines are sharper than his backhand

Miss this cut. #trademark

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)
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Fresh fresh lines

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…and sometimes embraces “The Beaver Tail”

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9. He plays a lot of FIFA

Kyrgios vs @andrew_whitt93 - sorry bro had to do it!! #floodgates #kyrgioswins

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)
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Spending the morning playing Call of Duty & Fifa online. Good old days. #relax

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)
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10. He’s stoked he’s not flying economy

Let it begin. Davis Cup with the bro. @TKokkinakis

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)
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11. He’s a big fan of the suit-mirror selfie

Davis Cup dinner.

— Nicholas Kyrgios (@NickKyrgios)
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12. He plays basketball with his mates

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13. His best mate is fellow Greek-Australian tennis player Thanasi Kokkinakis

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14. He takes his sister to red carpet events

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15. He loves playing for Australia

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16. He loves the throwback tennis look

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17. He’s great with kids

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18. …and some kids love him

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other kids are less enthused

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19. He’s swag… but won’t admit it

"I've been told I have swag but to be honest I don't really know what that is" says @NickKyrgios #humble #NKrising

— TennisAustralia (@TennisAustralia)
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… but we know better

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We’ll be watching Kyrgios play Canadian 8th seed Milos Raonic, Thursday morning at 2am AEST… we have a new favourite tennis player Australia!

Matthew Stockman / Getty
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