24 Reasons Northern Territory Girls Are The Best Girls On Earth

Territory tough!

1. Firstly, Territory girls know the most important thing is the outdoors.

2. They love a day out on the water with a line.

3. But they can also glam up for a night out in town.

4. No but seriously, fishing is super important.

6. They’ve spent so long with wildlife they’re starting to imitate it.

7. It doesn’t matter what animal, they can tame them.

8. Or protect people from them.

9. And they’re very good at protecting them.

10. No matter what they try, they seriously smash it.

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11. They own the world stage.

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13. They’d rather not wear shoes.

14. And they know the value of good friends and good food.

15. Especially, they know what to eat in every situation.

16. There’s a reason why the term “Territory tough” was invented.

17. It’s about girls from the Territory.

18. They have no problem getting lost in the bush.

20. They know there’s more to life than bright lights and big cities.

21. They get their power from the endless Summer.

22. And they know the best places to watch the sunset.

23. They have hearts red like the Territory’s.

24. And Territory girls know there’s no place like the Top End…. where there are the best girls on earth.

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