22 Struggles People Terrified Of Flying Have Been Through

Never getting on a plane ever again.

1. When people tell you your fear is irrational.

Oh yeah? You know what’s irrational? Traveling in a giant box, thousands of feet above the ground, surrounded by strangers, with no way to get out.

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2. When you spend hours online, reading horror stories about plane crashes.

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3. Considering EVERY SINGLE other traveling option before bringing yourself to book a flight.

A week on a boat to cross the Atlantic isn’t SO BAD, is it?

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4. Having actual nightmares of the plane going down.

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5. When you feel the need to check the wind and the air pressure on the day of your flight.

You have to do it, even if you don’t understand what it means.

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6. Praying that your pilot is as good as Chesley Sullenberger.

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7. Sending texts to your friends and family before the flight to tell them you love them and freaking them out.

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8. And sometimes even going as far as picturing a news anchor tearing up while reading said texts on TV after your death.

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9. Being the only one who actually listens to the security instructions.

And trying to figure out if the people sitting by the emergency exit look capable enough to save you.

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10. When you tell yourself that everything is going to be all right.

You can do it. You’re fine. You’re not even afraid. WHAT IS THERE TO BE AFRAID OF ANYWAY???

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11. And as soon as the plane takes off, you freak out.


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12. When you’re traveling alone and feel the need to share your angst with fellow passengers.

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13. Taking two Xanax and still not being able to sleep.

You can barely move but you can still cry.

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14. Wishing someone could just punch you in the face so you can pass out and wake up at your destination.

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15. Anytime the plane turns or moves from its trajectory just a little bit.

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16. Turbulence.

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17. Major turbulence.

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18. Major turbulence while flying over an ocean, far away from any coast.

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19. Thinking you’re about to die for most of the flight.

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20. When you start picturing all your loved ones crying at your funeral.

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21. Bothering flight attendants so they can talk you through everything that’s happening.

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22. Landing.

Probably not THAT bad in reality, but pretty much this way in your head.

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And finally touching the ground.

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