17 Things People With Bitchface Are Actually Thinking

“I promise you that I’m happy on the inside.”

1. “Do you want to go? You look like you want to leave.”

What we’re actually thinking:

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2. “You should smile more.”

What we’re actually thinking:

Warner Brothers / Via

3. “Is something wrong?”

4. “Before I knew you, I thought you were such a bitch.”

5. “Are you even having fun?”

6. “When I first met you I was totally intimidated by you.”

7. “I didn’t really know you had a sense of humor, you just don’t seem funny.”

8. “Are you excited? I can’t tell if you’re excited.”

9. “You’d get a lot more dates if you smiled more.”

What we are actually thinking:

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / Via

10. “Are you feeling OK? You look really bad.”

What we are actually thinking:

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11. “I’d invite you to come with us, but Kristin thinks you hate her.”

What we are actually thinking:

12. “We’re a bit worried about your attitude.”

13. “What’re you thinking about? You look like something is wrong.”

What we’re actually thinking:

ABC Family / Via

14. ”What is wrong? You look so upset.”

15. ”Do you want to talk about this later? When you’re in a better mood.”

16. You’re too intimidating for someone to hit on you.

17. “You never really smile do you?”

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