24 Times Taylor Swift Was The Cutest Thing Ever In Her New "Shake It Off" Video

The cheerleader is now the captain.

1. When she rocked this cat shirt and we knew it was time to get down to business.

ID: 3619806

2. And then she did this…

ID: 3619837

3. So flawless.

ID: 3620012

4. When she did her own version of Black Swan.

ID: 3619808

5. The cutest version.

ID: 3619925

6. When she went straight up Skrillex.

ID: 3619811

7. When she tried to twerk.

ID: 3620007

8. And really went all in.

ID: 3620028

9. But was still adorably confused about it all.

ID: 3619827

10. When she realized she has no idea how to do modern dance.

ID: 3619815

11. No really, she just doesn’t get it.

ID: 3619891

12. When she was as good as gold.

ID: 3619840

13. When she showed she’s no longer the girl on the bleachers.

ID: 3619979

14. But still isn’t too sure about it.

ID: 3620192

15. When she went full Audrey Hepburn.

ID: 3619982

17. When she proved she doesn’t know much about dancing to EDM.

ID: 3619987

19. When she got up, to get down.

ID: 3620184

20. Like really, get down.

ID: 3620218

21. This hip action.

ID: 3620042

22. Her inability to do ribbons.

ID: 3620205

23. When she was all about the jazz hands.

ID: 3620200

24. And her general adorableness.

ID: 3620212

Shake it off, Tay Tay.

ID: 3620187

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