Rob Kardashian Tweets That He Has A Son

Wait, what? Update: Rob says he does not have a son.

1. Rob Kardashian has tried to stay far from the spotlight lately as rumors fly around him.

The reality star and Arthur George sock designer has pulled away from the spotlight after a much publicized weight gain last year. He skipped Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Florence wedding and many outlets are reporting that he has been suffering from drug problems.

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2. Which made it all the more confusing when at 10:00 p.m. Friday night, Rob tweeted that he has a son.

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3. And it isn’t the first time that Rob has mentioned a son. In 2009 he engaged in a conversation with Nicole Richie on Twitter about his son before deleting his tweet.

The family had no comment on the tweet at the time.

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4. And in May 2013 he Instagrammed this photo, with the caption including “shout out to my Son Robert the Third,” before deleting it.

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5. Confused? Us too.

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6. UPDATE: Rob was just joking y’all. He does NOT have a son. Duped.

Those who know me know I play and I do NOT have a Son. Y'all got my mama emailing me asking if I have a Son lol goodness hahaha. GOODnight

— ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian)
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BuzzFeed has reached out to Rob Kardashian’s representative for comment.

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