22 Signs Taylor Swift Is Actually 82

Cookies and crafting? Just call her Grandma Tay Tay.

1. She’s obsessed with making sure you’re eating enough.

ID: 1931128

2. And dances like this.

ID: 1931170

3. She is always really excited about simple things.

ID: 1931155

4. Seriously, she can never control herself.

ID: 1931201

5. This is how she handles small children.

ID: 1931544

6. And is perfectly happy being a crazy cat lady.

ID: 1931042

7. Like it’s actually kind of out of control and great.

ID: 1931159

8. She understands love like a seasoned pro.

ID: 1931522

9. And is obsessed with giving you advice on your relationships.

ID: 1931829

10. This is her reaction when confronted with the God that is Mick Jagger.

ID: 1931311

And JT

ID: 1931315

and Julia Roberts

ID: 1931327

And Reese.

ID: 1931338

11. Seriously, she’s just a giant fan girl.

ID: 1931422

12. She’s crafty.

ID: 1931095

13. And goes on shopping sprees at places like Williams Sonoma.

ID: 1932541

14. Gloves to her elbows? Sooo grandma.

ID: 1931785

15. In fact, she always seems like she’s stuck in the ’50s.

ID: 1931794

16. And dresses how a grandmother would want a young girl to dress.

ID: 1932042

17. She loves peace and quiet.

ID: 1932533

18. She uses a change purse. A CHANGE PURSE.

ID: 1931134

19. That is probably just filled with sweets and grandma candy.

ID: 1931748

20. And is all about the holiday spirit.

ID: 1932755

21. Because it allows her to craft AND make other people happy at the same time. Classic grandma.

ID: 1932760

22. But most of all, like all good grandmas, Grandma Tay Tay loves YOU!

ABC / Via gifhell.com
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