Why You Should Care About Ohio Every Day Of The Year

It feels like people only care about Ohio only on Election Day. But it’s a neat state that you should consider loving.

This is Ohio.

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It’s a swing state.

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During elections all the candidates are like, “I WANT, I WANT.”

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But then after everyone is like…

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But Ohio is a beautiful place, and should be loved all year round.


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They have the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland…


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And the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton!


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They have candy buckeyes, which are like peanut butter cups but more buckeye shaped.


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They have Skyline chili, which is arguably the BEST CHILI ON EARTH.


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They have the Ohio State Football team, which is currently 10-0.

Even though they can’t play in a bowl game this year, they still play hard. wordpress.com

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And which is home to the best damn band in the land.


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Cedar Point is in Ohio. It’s like Six Flags but bigger and better.


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Columbus is a test market, which means the people there are the first to try McRibs.


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Ohio is home to 25 astronauts so basically Ohio is the king of space.


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The man with the golden voice, Ted Williams, was discovered in Columbus.


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Because hot dogs are from Ohio. HOT DOGS!


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And “The Drew Carey Show” was filmed in Cleveland. And Drew Carey was once a hot Marine.

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So after tomorrow, don’t hate Ohio…

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Love Ohio, 365 days out of the year.

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