Why You Should Care About Ohio Every Day Of The Year

It feels like people only care about Ohio only on Election Day. But it’s a neat state that you should consider loving.

This is Ohio.

It’s a swing state.

During elections all the candidates are like, “I WANT, I WANT.”

But then after everyone is like…


But Ohio is a beautiful place, and should be loved all year round.

They have the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland…

And the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton!

They have candy buckeyes, which are like peanut butter cups but more buckeye shaped.

They have Skyline chili, which is arguably the BEST CHILI ON EARTH.

They have the Ohio State Football team, which is currently 10-0.

Even though they can’t play in a bowl game this year, they still play hard.

And which is home to the best damn band in the land.

Cedar Point is in Ohio. It’s like Six Flags but bigger and better.

Columbus is a test market, which means the people there are the first to try McRibs.

Ohio is home to 25 astronauts so basically Ohio is the king of space.

The man with the golden voice, Ted Williams, was discovered in Columbus.

Because hot dogs are from Ohio. HOT DOGS!

And “The Drew Carey Show” was filmed in Cleveland. And Drew Carey was once a hot Marine.

So after tomorrow, don’t hate Ohio…

Love Ohio, 365 days out of the year.

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