This Is The Weirdest And Scariest Group Of Friends In Hollywood

It’s a tangled and bizarre web and it scares me.

1. Carrot Top hangs out with Tom Green…

ID: 1084269

3. And Tom Green Hangs out with Criss Angel…

ID: 1084500

5. Sometimes the three hang out together!

ID: 1084267

6. Tom also hangs with Flavor Flav…

ID: 1084494

7. And Criss hangs with Flavor Flav too!

ID: 1084621

8. Sometimes they all hang out together and then they add Steve-O!

ID: 1084493

9. Also Marilyn Manson is there on occasion.

ID: 1084268

10. And these two are buddies.

Jacob Andrzejczak / Getty Images
ID: 1084270

I hereby dub thee the Crack Pack. The End.

*No evidence of any actual crack use by members of the pack.

ID: 1084568

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