14 Things You Missed From Last Night’s SAG Awards

It was no Golden Globes, but it definitely had its moments.

1. When Bradley Cooper and Amy Poehler giggled together:

ID: 839893

2. Jennifer Lawrence’s mani-cam acting on the red carpet:

ID: 839788

3. Hamm moment #1:

ID: 839770

4. When Anne’s mom voted for her:

ID: 839773

5. Darren Criss’ “I’m an actor” speech

ID: 839892

6. January Jones as David Bowie:

Adrees Latif / Reuters
ID: 839979

7. When Anne Hathaway said “crushed it.”

ID: 839782

8. When Tina thought Amy should have won:

ID: 839785

9. And then what she said to Amy in her acceptance speech:

ID: 839792

10. Hamm moment #2:

ID: 839769

11. When this lady videobombed Chris Tucker:

The lady being actress Jackie Weaver.

ID: 839891

12. When the cast of “Downton Abbey” won and coined this new phrase:

ID: 839962

13. Jennifer Lawrence’s wardrobe malfunction:

ID: 839961

14. And this hug:

ID: 839976

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