17 Things That Make Kanye West Really Happy

Happy Kanye, happy life.

2. Greeting John Mayer.

3. Beating Beyoncé at Connect Four.

How happy?

Gosh darn happy!

4. Using photobooth.

5. How happy?

Oh come on, it’s obvious how happy he is.

How happy?


7. Looking on as Rihanna hugs someone.

How happy?

Jumping on a trampoline made of clouds happy.

How happy?

EEE!!! Soooo happy.

9. Giving North a piggy back ride.

How happy?

Actually happy. This is adorable.

How happy?

The happiest wrist there ever was.

11. Oprah’s hand on his knee.

How happy?


13. Will Ferrell.

Pacific Coast News

How happy?

Ummm, as happy as anyone could ever be.

14. Riding a rollercoaster.

Splash News

How happy?

The most happy he’ll ever be.

How happy?


16. When Kim takes bathroom selfies. JK. THIS DOESN’T MAKE KANYE HAPPY.

17. But Jay Z and popped collars do.

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

How happy??

Couldn’t be happier.

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