The 37 Wisest Things Michael Scott Ever Said

Michael Scott wasn’t just a man, he was a philosophical man. And without realizing, he taught us so much.

1. He spoke wisdom about his theory of leadership…

ID: 1016189

2. On superstition:

ID: 1016204

3. And on morning smells:

ID: 1016205

4. His knowledge went even further, though, to pimples…

ID: 1016249

5. The correlation between butt size and heart size:

ID: 1016257

6. The genius of Wikipedia:

ID: 1016376

7. And this simple truth:

ID: 1016264

8. He was a pioneer in defining words…

ID: 1016402

9. And his thoughts on freaking:

ID: 1016991

10. He made this point:

ID: 1016223

11. And spoke these words about equality…

ID: 1016198

12. Because really, we’re all the same…

ID: 1017087

13. He clarified words.

ID: 1016260

14. And found the deeper meaning of everyday things.

ID: 1016401

15. His words were profound, like Socrates.

ID: 1016985

16. He could admit his faults in the purest of ways…

ID: 1016256

17. But his confidence was awe-inspiring.

ID: 1016235

18. He was a leader for men.

ID: 1016375

19. And knew more about human relationships than those who study it.

ID: 1016992

20. His wisdom was natural.

ID: 1016262

21. He knew things.

ID: 1016980

22. Like what the world would be like if a baby ruled it.

ID: 1017023

23. And of the goodness of porn.

ID: 1016998

24. He taught us what friendship really consists of…

ID: 1017051

25. That pedophiles just CANNOT WIN AGAIN.

ID: 1017036

26. And that the movie Willy Wonka is a thing that doesn’t exist.

ID: 1017052

27. He enlightened us about joke-telling…

ID: 1017061

28. The uplifting effects of ice cream…

ID: 1017031

29. Music…

ID: 1016226

30. And used a reasonable analogy to prove grief can be good.

ID: 1017063

31. So remember, Michael was a wise, wise man.

ID: 1016403

32. He taught us it aint no thang to poop…

ID: 1017306

33. You should never do anything, ever.

ID: 1017305

34. But if you do, do these three things:

ID: 1017308

35. And that you can’t force things.

ID: 1017439

36. So, even if sometimes Michael said this:

ID: 1016393

37. It didn’t matter, because his profoundness far outweighed everything else.

ID: 1016209

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