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The Only 17 Things To Talk About From The MTV Movie Awards

You can literally forget every other part.

1. The reunion/performance of the Pitch Perfect cast:

2. This girl’s hat:

Getty Images

3. When the contents of Quvenzhané Wallis’ bag were exposed:

Young Hollywood, man.

4. Whatever Selena Gomez’s entire performance was:

5. The “bottomless” bit:

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

6. This unnecessary close-up (that I will now show you again):

7. The touching moment between Will Ferrell and his family:

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

8. Rebel’s “nip slip”:

9. When Zac went in for the kiss/hug but was denied:

10. When we learned what an Australian kiss is:

11. When Joss Whedon coined the term we’ve all been searching for:

12. When Aubrey Plaza ran on the stage and it was really awkward:

13. Seth Rogan’s actual butt:

14. When Tom Hiddleston hugged the koala bear:

Getty Images

15. How hot Chris Pine looked:

16. Liam Hemsworth’s beard:

17. And the Catching Fire preview:

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