The 22 Most Must-See Moments From The Oscars

Here are the good and the not as good parts from last night’s show.

1. When Jennifer Lawrence revealed how hungry she was:

ID: 928781

2. This shot exposing just how tiny Kristin Chenoweth is:

ID: 928676

3. The part of the opening that included Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt dancing:

ID: 928892

4. The plethora of long-haired men winning awards:

ID: 928624

5. When Paul Rudd’s nose hit the mic:

ID: 928662

6. The battle of Sandra Bullock vs. the envelope:

ID: 928667

7. When Kristen Stewart limped on stage:

ID: 928680

8. Adele’s performance…

ID: 928620

9. …and her emotional acceptance speech:

ID: 928685

10. George Clooney’s beard:

ID: 928695

11. The first time Quvenzhané Wallis did this:

ID: 928696

12. And the second time:

ID: 928716

13. Michelle Obama’s surprise appearance to help present Best Picture:

ID: 928719

14. Catherine Zeta-Jones’ intense “Chicago” performance:

ID: 928824

15. When the “Avengers” men took the stage:

ID: 928722

16. This joke that no one liked:

ID: 928728

17. Quentin Tarantino’s win and his leather tie:

ID: 928729

18. When the cast of “Les Miserables” performed and it was great…

ID: 928829

But a few people didn’t seem thrilled to be there:

ID: 928827

19. When Emmanuelle Riva — NOT David O. Russell — was in the little box for Best Director:

ID: 928769

20. When Tommy Lee Jones laughed:

ID: 928730

21. And when Jennifer Lawrence fell coming to the stage to accept her Best Actress win…

Maybe it was because she was famished and weak (see #1).

ID: 928618

22. …but it didn’t even matter, because SHE JUST WON BEST ACTRESS.

Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times / MCT
ID: 928786

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