32 Reasons Robert Downey Jr. Is The Most Perfect Man In The Universe

It’s undeniable, really.

1. He’s probably the sassiest celebrity out there:

ID: 1109389

So, so sassy:

ID: 1109502

The sassiest?

ID: 1110588

He’s even sassy when he’s not saying anything:

ID: 1109505

And he was even sassy when he was a kid:

ID: 1109488

2. But he still has some amazing stuff to say:

ID: 1109484

3. Not only is he good at English…

ID: 1109386

4. But he can also teach you math:

ID: 1109400

5. He’s never boring on red carpets.

ID: 1109495

6. He’s the only person on the planet who can pull off a fedora:

ID: 1109522

7. He makes a great cat:

ID: 1109383

8. And has totally rational thoughts about monkey purchases.

ID: 1109391

9. He has his priorities straight:

ID: 1109393

10. He has the best license plate:

Charley Gallay / Getty Images
ID: 1109418

11. He once wore this in the ’90s:

Dave Allocca/DMI/Time Life Pictures / Getty Images
ID: 1109460

12. Actually, nevermind, he once wore THIS:

ID: 1109473

13. He’ll give you exactly what you want for your birthday:

ID: 1109480

14. And he literally has the best sunglasses collection EVER.

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters
ID: 1109419
Getty Images
ID: 1110405
Getty Images
ID: 1110404
Getty Images
ID: 1110411
Getty Images
ID: 1110409
Getty Images
ID: 1110403

15. And nobody takes off their glasses like RDJ. NO ONE.

ID: 1110208

16. He’s a master thief:

ID: 1109374

17. Because of… uh… this:

ID: 1109384

18. And uh… this:

ID: 1109516


ID: 1109496

20. …and this:

Details Magazine
ID: 1109546

21. He’s the king of frowning:

ID: 1109560

22. He makes a great laundry detergent:

ID: 1109572

23. And makes all other Pokemon irrelevant:

ID: 1110217

24. Also, he does this from time to time:

ID: 1109593

25. It doesn’t even matter if he can play the tuba, because he looks perfect with it:

ID: 1109576

26. This weird punk mountain-climber outfit too:

Getty Images
ID: 1110366

27. Have you ever even seen anyone rock blond hair like him?!

ID: 1109766

28. He’s always had cool hairstyles, though.

ID: 1109736

29. Have you seen him smile yet?

ID: 1110559

30. He’s like a fine wine…

ID: 1109607

31. Keeps getting better with age.

Getty Images
ID: 1110586


ID: 1110648


Getty Images
ID: 1110587


Getty Images
ID: 1110596

32. Oh, and he’s more powerful than a God.

ID: 1109511

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